UN please help

From Naewna, April 19, 2016
Jatuporn: UN please help… Thai soldiers violate the human rights.
Chavalit Yongchaiyudh at left is saying: Sacrifice myself for Thaksin.

[Update: Please note the comment that correctly states that the person in glasses is more likely Watthana Mueangsuk, since Chavalit is untouchable and could not be apprehended by the junta.

Earlier interpretation: This alleges Thaksin and the Red Shirts created a ruse to enable calls to the UN to halt military oppression. This ruse supposedly started with Thaksin defender Chavalit Yongchaiyudh speaking up on Thaksin’s behalf as part of Thaksin’s PR offensive earlier this year.
As a former prime minister and army commander-in-chief, his statements chiding the junta are meant to show that not all military brass oppose Thaksin.
Chavalit also is known for his allusions to violence–indeed the mere fact that a former commander-in-chief is speaking up to oppose the current army brass is supposed to foreshadow violence that is the result of dissatisfaction and the hurt feelings of Thai “big men” upset by the unfairness of the junta.
However, despite the cartoonist’s claim that the military was somehow attacking Chavalit, the reality was that the military shrugged off Chavalit’s criticism. Most of the media mocked Chavalit once again as a fair-weather friend of Thaksin who cannot be counted on to back up his threats.]

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