Old Sexpats Club members and their young Thai women

The Old Sexpats Club members and their young Thai women – Telegraph, April 9, 2013
… So, older men – who probably never had such beautiful, charming and acquiescent women give them the time of day even when they were young and virile – get to fulfil their fantasies. Wealthy, older men with younger, trophy wives, is a cliché in Western society. This new take on elder care simply lowers the entry cost, making such relationships available for the average bloke. For the women, it brings a substantial redistribution of tourist income. Clearly, these relationships are not acceptable in polite Thai society, but they do sometimes evolve into marriage – German is the most common nationality of foreign husbands.
But with few opportunities for so many women, who are we to judge the choices the women have made? And, as for the men, trouble only arises when they forget the social context of the relationship and become delusional about its true nature. If they do not want to be part of the Old Sexpats Club, then they should not play the game.

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