UAE rights activist to carry on fighting in Thailand

UAE rights activist to carry on fighting in Thailand – Reuters, July 17, 2012
…Abdul Khaleq said plain clothes policemen in the UAE had taken one of his phones, handcuffed him and bundled him into a car before taking him to the airport, where he was told he would never be allowed to return…

UAE activist expelled to Thailand faces close watch – Bangkok Post, July 18, 2012
…Foreign Ministry deputy spokesman Sek Wannamethee said the ministry was aware that Abd al-Khaleq, 35, had left Dubai and arrived in Thailand on a 60-day tourist visa.
…He belongs to the stateless Bidun (meaning “without”) minority who are denied passports, making it impossible for them to leave the UAE.
…Asked what the Thai government would do if the man overstays, Mr Sek said the ministry would work with the Immigration Office to have him expelled to the Comoros Islands…

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