Two Thai views of the pandemic

From Thairath, April 16, 2020
Title: Help us first
On the bags: Help bonds, Help stocks
On money: Assist people affected by COVID-19
The poor: We are starving to death. Don’t have food to eat. We are suffering. Help us all.
Phi Nooring: Stealing money which is the hope of people.
Mouse: Help the poor first.

[This accuses the government of help big business over the common man impacted by the pandemic.]

From Manager, April 16, 2020
caption: This group of kickboxing aficionados makes a huge bet on the COVID.
Somkid in the distance: Prayuth is starting to make a move… left punch … right… left… right… strike, covid is starting to lose…
Phua Thai Party chief Sudarat, standing with other opposition politicians: Khun Sompong, this time we sure lost…

[This makes light of the perception that the opposition is using the pandemic as an opportunity to attack the government with claims that the government is neglecting the poor and using the state of emergency to prevent anti-government protesting.]

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