Two Drugs

From Manager, April 8, 2019
Caption on left: Save for medical drug
Caption on right: Save for political drug

[Refers to a comparison of two public campaigns. One is to save Decha Sirphat, a prominent practitioner of traditional medicine who used marijuana as a medicine to help the poor endure pain.
At right, Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn’s supporters have raised a public campaign to save him from being prosecuted by the police due to sedition charges.
The cartoonist reflects the view of those who oppose Thanathorn’s promised reforms of rewriting the constitution and striking the military from politics. Critics would see these reforms as being part of the pro-Thaksin agenda that also alludes to perhaps ending lese majeste laws since Thanathorn’s politics grew out of the Nitirat group.
These same critics would see Thanathorn’s movement as trading on a trendy Western conception of reform at the expense traditional Thai institutions as well as oversimplifying the reason why the military staged its takeover of politics. This is thought to attract young people dazzled by the photogenic Thanathorn and his calls for democracy. Thus, the contention that Thanathorn’s movement is like a drug.]

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