Two CIA Contractors Successfully Sued for “Black Site” Torture

Two CIA Contractors Successfully Sued for “Black Site” Torture –, August 23, 2017
…In pre-trial depositions Mitchell and Jessen revealed that one of their earliest applications of EIT was on Abu Zubaydah in a secret prison in Thailand. They traveled to the black site and proceeded to waterboard the prisoner 83 times. When it was clear that the treatment was producing nothing, the team at the prison asked Langley if it could stop, but Jose Rodriguez, who headed the Counterterrorism Center at the time, told them to continue, arguing that if they did not do so a terrorist nuclear bomb would be exploding somewhere in the United States. Mitchell recalled that CIA staff officers referred to the doctors as “pussies” when they expressed reluctance to continue the procedure. Rodriguez later ordered video recordings that were made of the interrogations to be destroyed…

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