Tusks on a Dog

From Manager, September 20, 2012
Left caption: This phenomenon is hard to become true. [this refers to the Thai proverb that “a dog will never grow tusks”]
Thaksin says: I’ll sacrifice for the sake of the country’s peace.
Right caption: This phenomenon is even damn harder to become true.

[Khanit na Nakorn, chairman of the Truth for Reconciliation Commission of Thailand, last week suggested that Thaksin wash his hands of politics and spend the rest of his life in a foreign country for the sake of the country’s peace.
According to Mr. Khanit, the suggestion is his personal opinion, and not part of the TRCT’s report on the April-May 2010 Red Shirt protests. The is that joke Thaksin, despite anything he might say, has shown he is willing to do anything to create the conditions for his return to power.]

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