Trying Again to Draft the Constitution


From Thairath, October 9, 2015
Cartoon title: Follow me [the man with the glasses is Meechai Ruchupan]
On Meechai’s jacket: Head of CDC [Constitution Drafting Committee]
On the people’s jackets: CDC
Phi Nooring: They need to put in a lot of effort.
Mouse: Don’t become next dead bodies
On dead bodies: NRC
On a paper flowing in the water: Constitution version. Bowornsak.

[This refers to the new Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) headed by Meechai Ruchupan. The group needs to put more effort to push forward the draft or the draft may be rejected by the National Reform Council (NRC) like the last one written by the former CDC headed by Bowornsak.
This cartoon references a Thai idiom about being a decomposing, dead dog floating in a klong meaning a useless thing. The cartoonist shows the new committee members skirting a klong in the Thai style when there is flooding and shows the former committee members floating like dead dogs.
Other references to this idiom: Dead Dog Chavalit and The Red Shirt leaders on Seh Daeng– “a decomposed dead dog”]

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