Trump’s Win in Thai-language Newspapers


From Khaosod, November 10, 2016
Top box: Impressive pictures of the ‘King’ taking care of the ‘Crown Prince’ when he was young. Page 13.
Biggest picture: Tribe people pay respect to the King Bhumibol Aduyadej
[2nd row] Black box on the left: ‘Htin Kyaw-Duterte’ pay respect to the King.
Continued headline in a green box in the 3rd row: Tribe people from 9 tribes–999 people wearing their traditional dresses–paying respects to the King. Ministry of Culture is hastening to complete the King’s records in the National Archives. Vocational schools commit to end their fights.
Grey box on the right: World stunned–stocks plunged–‘Trump’ celebrates. 45th US President.
Continued box on the below right: Voice of ‘grassroots’ ‘Right wing’ vote. Won 290-218. ‘Hillary’ admits her loss. Big Tu [PM Prayuth] congratulates the winner.
‘Donald Trump’ new US President, decisively defeats Hillary.
[4th row] Grey box on the left: Tu denies to stay [in power] 5 years more to help farmers, saying it is “just an idea.” Pheu Thai explains Poo’s rice.
[Refers to the rice price problem in Thailand. The junta and Yingluck are dueling over who can help the farmers best.]
Black box: Will call Nott’s friend for questioning. The lawyer submits more charges.
[Refers to the case of TV host Nott who punched a motorcycle driver who hit his car. He tried to force the motorcyclists to pay respect to his car. This incident became the talk of the town after a clip of the incident was posted on social media. Nott was fired from his TV show due to his assault on the motorcyclist.]


From Krungthepturakit, November 10, 2016
Headline: ‘Bank of Thailand’ keeps eyes on US policy. Says it’s unstable. [big] Warning to prepare for a ‘market in turmoil.’ [referring to Trump’s win]
Sub-headline on the left: Analysts point out it will affect investment which will flow out in the short-term.
Box in the center: Shock the world, ‘Trump’ becomes the president [2nd headline] Stocks plunge–volatile currency.
Small box on the right: Closer watch: the US election
White box on the left: Push a ‘new Permanent Secretary’ of DE to study the law about the Thaicom contract.
[Refers to the Minister of Digital Economy and Society known as the DE ministry forcing the new appointed permanent secretary to solve the problem on the Thaicom contract.]
Green box: Kasikorn bank’s stock, currency and gold situation update.
The white box on the right after the green box: ‘Somkid’ urges the selection of yellow-pink lines by December.
[Refers to Deputy PM Somkid Jatusripitak urging of bidding on the yellow and pink electric rail routes to be completed by December.]
Last box on the right: Open ‘online reserve’ for paying respects to the King in mid-Nov.


From Matichon, November 10, 2016
[Top pictures show hilltribe people paying respects to the King Bhumibol Aduyadej.]
Main Headline: World stunned–stock markets plunge–gold increases [bold] ‘Trump’ unexpectedly becomes the president
Sub-headline: ‘Americans’ protest after knowing the result. A good thing is that it will reduce the conflict between China and US. Thailand has a chance to link the economy [to the US?]. ‘Tammy Ladda’ becomes a senator.
[Thai-American Democrat Tammy Ladda Baldwin won a US senate seat.]
Small box close to Trump’s picture: Proposal from the ‘cabinet’–urge the private sector to help buy 30,000 tons of ‘corn’. Strict control on an import of wheat.
[Referring to Thai government proposals to help farmers hurt by plunging prices.]
Grey headline: Increase ‘tents-chairs’ to protect from the sun-rain; Taking care of people at Sanuam Laung; 999 tribe people from 9 tribes pay respect to the king; Ministry of Culture is hastening to complete the King’s records in the National Archives. [referring to activities surrounding the honoring of the late King]
Small box below Trump’s picture: ‘Wissanu’ says the constitution has already submitted. ‘Meechai’ supports an increase of MP’s salaries.’ Interior Minister urges to increase a power of the governor-mayor.
Headline at the bottom right: Explain a clip on ‘conduct;’ ‘Somtow’ says people want to sing; Blame the air attendants. ‘Nokair’ insists to follow the rules. Civil Aviation Director confirms it violates the rules. Against the air attendance–can be jailed.
[Refers to a video clip showing that an air attendants trying to stop well-known conductor S.P. Somtow from leading airplane passengers in singing the royal anthem song a plane was taking off. Some reacted in outrage what any rules of airline safety could preclude the singing of Thailand’s Royal Anthem. Others insisted that international regulations and safety take precedence.]


From Thai Post, November 10, 2016
Main headline: Shock the world; ‘Trump’ the president.
Sub-headline: Defeats ‘Hillary.’ Slaps the polls. [meaning the pollsters were wrong] Democrat supporters make chaos. Putin congratulates.
A box on the left: ASEAN must change in response to the new power
[Refers to ASEAN Countries must review their policies in response to the new Trump’s win.]
Box below Trump’s big picture: Big Tu [PM Prayuth] advises farmers to reduce their costs and it will be better in the next five years.
Red box: Update on the stock market
Yellow box: Update on global oil prices
Gray box: Current situation on financial markets
A box on the bottom right: Headline: [Philippine President Rodrigo] Duterte pays respect to the King

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