Trump won’t help Thanathorn

From Manager, April 9, 2020
Thanathorn: Yeah! Trump is sending troops to help build democracy following my request!!
Trump: Not like that, Thorn. I come here to steal the doctors and masks as well as ventilators to help the American people.
Caption: He will come… for only one reason.

[In late March, the recently disbanded Future Forward Party began ramping up for mass protests against the government. The goals were the same as earlier protests going back 15 years–immediate resignation of the sitting government and a wholesale rewrite of the constitution.
Also similar was the overseas lobbying and the need to get the message out in English. In the past weeks, a number of foreign media news items highlighted claims that the government was facing massive opposition and it was a critical time for them.
The cartoonist mocks what he contends is the wishful thinking of the opposition and instead makes a joke about a widely circulated claim that the U.S. was stealing away vital supplies from Thailand to use in their own country. This claim was underpinned by the news reports that, when U.S. officials met with their Thai counterparts to ask for shipments of masks and other items to deal with the pandemic, Thais instead told them that they had been receiving shipments of these items from the U.S.]

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