Trump in Thai editorial cartoons

From Naewna, October 26, 2019
Title: Frenemy
Above the sword: The U.S. cut Thailand’s GSP.

[Refers to the recent action of President Trump in suspending Thailand’s benefits under the Generalized System of Preference (GSP) worth as USD 1.3 billion. The U.S. accused Thailand of not taking steps to protect the labor rights.
However, some groups believed that the U.S.’s action was really in response to a soaring trade deficit and Thailand’s decision to ban ractopamine, a feed additive commonly used by U.S. pork producers, and glyphosate.
The cartoonist contrasts the GSP move with the increasingly positive relationship bewteen Thailand the U.S. since President Trump came to office.]

From Thairath, November 29, 2019
Title: Are we friends?
PM Prayuth: I love you.
Wording close to him: Cut GSP for 600 Thai products
Phi Nooring: It becomes a trade war.
Mouse: Long distant love
On the bag behind President Trump: Budget for purchasing weapons from the U.S.

[Refers to the current situation of U.S.-Thai relation after President Trump announced an elimination of the GPS on 600 Thai products. Since Trump came to power, the U.S. has seemed to warm to the military-dominated government and many activities have been returned to normal. Thus, the government was blindsided by the GPS move apparently designed to reduce trade deficits.]

From Manager, November 29, 2019
Left: What?… You don’t want to sell opium? Then I will occupy your land.
Caption: The Westerner’s behavior in the past.
Right: What?… You don’t allow us to sell toxic chemicals? Then, I will suspend the GSP!
Caption: …in present.

[Refers to the U.S. action to cut the GSP of Thailand’s imported products. This cartoon contends that the move is due to the toxic chemical ban and is little different from the U.K. demanding to sell opium in China in the past.]

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