Trouble in the “Original Democracy”


From Naewna, November 14, 2016
Thaksin: Trump, please wait for me and my associates. We will be ready to work with you closely in the next few years.
Left caption: Moaning from hell.
Trump: Ha, ha. Until that day, will you and your fellows may find your way to hell or all be in jail?
Right caption: answer from heaven.

[During his time in power, Thaksin seemed to gain support for his controversial policies by being willing to cooperate with controversial U.S. policies (such as George W. Bush’s foreign wars).
This open siding with the U.S. was unusual for Thailand which, publicly at least, always feigned a disinterested neutrality in foreign policy.
The cartoonist surmises that Thaksin would once again try to solicit U.S. support for his activities with the new president. However, political conditions in Thailand would seem to unfavorable to Thaksin’s return for the foreseeable future.]


From Thairath, November 16, 2016
Title: The hating chair
Mouse: The original democracy
Mouse man: First job

[Thais personify the leading political post for a country–like Thailand’s Prime Ministership–as a chair to be obtained or fought over.
Thais also consider the U.S. as the “original democracy” (even if it is not the actual first one, Thais see it serving as the model of democracy for other countries).
The cartoonist, like much of the world, seems perplexed that Trump could be elected.]

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