Blowing the Governor Off His Seat

From Thairath, March 11, 2013
Cartoon title: Life can be thrilling… because of spitting storm from the same side
On the chair: Bangkok Governor
On the spitting storm: Defaming competitors during the election campaign…Against the election law
Phi Nooring: Be careful. You may fall off your Chair.
Man mouse: The Election Committee must be just.
[Man in chair is the Bangkok Governor-elect Sukhumbhand Paribhatra. His inauguration has been held up based on complaints about Democrat Party claims made about Red Shirts burning the city during the campaign.
In Thai, harsh and negative talk is visualized as spit coming out of one’s mouth. Here, comments from the Democrat Party about Red Shirts burning Bangkok in 2010 are shown to knock its candidate from his election victory.
The swing pictured is the Giant Swing in downtown Bangkok in front of the BMA headquarters.]

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