Troops, police raid Red Shirt TV station to disrupt former Army Commander-in-Chief Chavalit’s interview


Troops, police raid Peace TV to disrupt Chavalit’s interview – The Nation, April 30, 2015

Army chief defends raid on Peace TV – ThaiPBS, April 30, 2015
…He also asked for cooperation from the media by presenting only constructive news.
The army chief was commenting on the recent raid by police and soldiers after Peace TV broadcast a live programme interviewing former prime minister Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyuth.
Critics said the raid was inappropriate…

[This will lend credence to the theory that Peace TV’s license was ultimately revoked because of the Chavalit interview. An interview with the former Commander-in-Chief on a Red Shirt TV station is meant to create the perception that the military is divided over loyalty to Thaksin. Explained here.]

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One Response to Troops, police raid Red Shirt TV station to disrupt former Army Commander-in-Chief Chavalit’s interview

  1. Wiz says:

    UDD men going to use the shutdown of Peace TV to justify another political rally on 3 May 2015 to get money for AI Maew and Peace TV is running out of funds to operate as there is no advertising money as so many enterprises want to dissociate themselves from UDD men due to the fear of economic reprisal as they have experienced from PDRC during the political crises of 2013 – 2014 – so the shut down is fully justified after all

    Sinister act behind Peace TV that justify the shutdown by NBTC – definitely involved with Big Jiw – and of Peace TV has been mouthpieces for Anti Monarchy intellectuals as well as Dhammakaya to advocate state religion – yet Peace TV is not very popular due to their radical agenda – the biggest source of revenue is Ai Maew’s dole of 10 million Baht a month, Bonanza resort and ranch along with ex monk Phet (mentor of Ai Ten) who makes money from the dole from Dhammakaya disciples like the ex chairman of Klongchan Credit Union and stock markets despite of the status as a monk since many enterprise are reluctant to give advertising money to either Peace TV or TV 24.

    Once Bonanza ranch and resort being stormed, and mentor of Ai Ten has disrobed himself, Peace TV is running out of money — so UDD leaders have to run the conspiracy to violate MOU with Junta to make Junta justify the TV shutdown for good instead of shutting down Peace TV by themselves – using Big Jiw as the last straw due to the fact that Big Jiw has a connection with both Southern Insurgents and Old Comrades of CPT – the preferred way to gain more martyrdom as they have done during Bloody May 2010.

    Get rich by bringing Big Jiw to make the speech – to instigate Junta to shut down Peace TV

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