Triumph of the Five Rivers


From Thairath, March 19, 2015
Title: Three-sided bombers
On the constitution: Success of power, 5 rivers [The constitution is criticized as the success of the groups representing old powers known as the “five rivers”–the Constitution Drafting Committee, the National Legislative Assembly, the National Reform Council, the cabinet, and the junta.]
Near PM Prayuth’s bomb: Stop the draft constitution
On the man’s jacket: Politicians
On bomb held by politician: No constitution
Phi Nooring: Facing both thrown and time-bombs.
Mouse: No respect and no peace [a frequent Red Shirt threat–something like “without justice there will be no peace”]
[Refers to the new constitution. The cartoon shows that there are many groups trying to stall the new constitution. If it is enacted, the constitution will be a bomb as it will unleash the fury of the Red Shirts who will find their leader Thaksin permanently disadvantaged by the new charter.]

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