Traveling in a forest in Thailand is more dangerous than a forest in Africa

From Thairath, June 19, 2014
Left: Man: Now, traveling in a forest in Thailand is more dangerous than a forest in Africa…
Middle: Man: …please be careful.
A foreigner: Is it a fierce animal?
Right: The police and army find bombs hidden in the forest to avoid being caught by the NCPO.

[The junta announced that anyone who has in their possession war weapons, ammunition for war weapons or explosives, must surrender them to authorities by June 25, 2014 or they will be prosecuted. This is part of the post-coup sweep to mop up caches of weapons and bombs to be used for the Red Shirt’s promised civil war.
After the courts refused to block the anti-government protests earlier this year, a Pheu Thai Party official announced that the people held 10 million guns and that in the “fight this time death will be real.”. After the coup, loads of illegal weapons were found hidden in forest areas to avoid having them confiscated by the military.]

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