Traits needed for the Burn Thai Party

From Manager, September 10, 2018
On the signboard: The inborn traits that one needs to have when a member of the Burn Thai Party.
1. insult the former party you were with
2. lick big boss and madam’s boots
3. inform international organizations
4. insult soldiers three times after a meal
5. call people to come out and burn the place
Surapong Tovichakchaikul at right: You have done three things already Machim… you would become our new member for sure.
Caption: Machim is proving himself.

[As if to counteract defections from the Pheu Thai to pro-military parties, the Pheu Thai Party has touted the defection of former Democrat Party MP Nakhom Machim to their party.
Machim criticized the Democrats and apologized to former PM Thaksin and Yingluck for being part of the conspiracy hatched by the military, elites, judiciary and other anti-Thaksin groups to destroy the power of the Shinawatra family.
This syncs with the list the cartoonist has created for new members. Other points on the list are to call on international election monitors or U.N. fact finding missions, insulting the military, and calling on supporters to be ready to show their dissatisfaction by burning buildings.
The cartoonist calls the Pheu Thai Party the “Burn Thai Party” in a play on Thai words. This transforms the party name to reference Red Shirt leaders who called on their supporters to burn the country in 2010.]

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