Tourists from the Lanna Republic

From Thairath, April 2, 2014
Left, Foreign Minister Surapong Tovijakchaikul: I have to ask military officers to move bunkers back to the camps because these bunkers frighten foreign tourists!
Middle, Soldier: Tourists from which country, sir? Why are they so panicky?
Right, Surapong: They are from PRC Lanna who’re going to visit on the 5th.
[This refers to Red Shirt protest outside of Bangkok on April 5. Over the past months calls from Red Shirt supporters have grown for a new nation (a “Lanna Republic”) to be formed in the north for the the Yingluck government to rule.
Critics had charged that army checkpoints around Bangkok were bad because they upset tourists.
The joke is that the army checkpoints in Bangkok are, in fact, scary for Red Shirt separatists who wish to occupy Bangkok like they did in 2009 and 2010.]

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