Tourist arrivals “increase gradually” or “still falling?”

ThaiPBS: Tourist arrivals increase gradually
Department of Tourism says foreign tourists are returning to the country with arrivals last month gradually rose to 1.91 million from 1.56 million in June.
However when compared with the same month in July last year, arrivals still fell 10.9%, it said.
It said the number of foreign tourists arriving in Thailand in July this year fell 10.9% from a year earlier.
But compared with 1.56 million arrivals in June this year, July’s arrivals of 1.91 million represented improved tourism situation…

Bangkok Post: Tourist arrivals still falling
The number of international tourists arriving in Thailand in July fell 10.9% from a year earlier, according to data from the Department of Tourism, showing the industry has not recovered from the impact of prolonged political tension.
The lucrative tourism sector, which accounts for about 10% of the economy, suffered its biggest drop in visitors in June – the first full month after the army took power on May 22 in a bid to end tensions and get economic activity going again…

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