Tortured by tradition

Tortured by tradition – The Nation, April 24, 2011
…Talk with anyone who works for a children’s rights group. They will tell you the horror stories of culture and tradition.
Daughters forced into prostitution, because filial duty dictates that they obey their parents and help the family.
Daughters forced into having sex with stepfathers, because filial duty dictates that they are slaves to the provider of the household. So show your gratitude.
Daughters who become pregnant, whether by rape or consensual sex, but get kicked out of the house because they have brought shame to the family.
Study history and you will find out that if you fancy a girl, all you have to do is kidnap and rape her, and her family would be obliged to offer you their daughter’s hand in marriage. This is to save face and family honour.
And don’t for one second think that such beliefs and practices don’t persist, or that they’re not accepted by many in our society today. After all, this is a matter of culture and tradition…

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