The best of 2Bangkok in 2009

What it was like to be there...

Our annual collection of the biggest news, most popular stories, and interesting links of 2009

Left: April 13, 15:35 - Sri Ayuthaya Road intersection retaken - This image shows soldiers walking around in the smoke from two buses that were set on fire by the Red Shirts as they retreated.

The best of 2Bangkok in 2009
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Navin at the Fat Fest

Thai newspapers and HM The King's 82th birthday

Michael Jackson's death in the Thai-language press

Southern Violence Statistics

Remembering Samak

Left: Daily News, April 14, 2009 - The Prime Minister’s secretary was taken by the reds

Red Shirt protests - January-April, 2009

The "Red" publications

Right: From Voice of Taksin, December, 2009 - The caption reads: Romanov dynasty - Russia, Year 1613-1917

Singapore: What will you defend?

Defaced Democrat Party posters

The Bangkok Airport scam

MOSOThai billboards by ISOC

The descent of Suvarnabhumi

ASTVManager's new book

Also: Thai email forwards - Falling in Thailand - At a Hmong camp - Website censorship in Thailand


Bhumjaithai Party billboards


Thailand 1968

Bangkok after Dark 1967

1991 coup headlines and clippings

Black May 1992 headlines

Old newspapers

Old photos

Above: Cover of a brochure from a joint tourism campaign between Cambodia and Thailand from 2000.

Silence Power

Anti-petition billboard - September 4, 2009
The billboard reads: Do you think the listing of people’s names for a petition is proper or not? If not, to whom it is not suitable for? Is it proper or not? [From] Thais who do not agree
[Not sure if this is the exact translation, but we think it is close. This billboard is similar to the pro-PAD billboard of the past.]


(Source: Vintage photo)

Above: Thai man, 1860

Thai Media Project
Translated articles and editorial cartoons from the Thai-language press

April II
April I

1969 travel booklet: See You In Thailand in 1969

And of course: The burning Ferrari - Komchadluek, February 16, 2009
It reads: Suwat’s son and “Ice” survived the accident while their Ferrari car immediately caught fire on the street. Pasu Liptapanlop, son of  Suwat Liptapanlop [a politician] survived the deadly accident while he and his superstar girlfriend “Ice” Apisada Kruakongka were on a trip driving the 17 million baht Ferrari car to visit Pattaya, but the car caught fire accidentally. - Survives a deadly accident - “Ice” Apisada Kruakongka embraces her friend, Pasu Liptapanlop, with fear after the Ferrari that the two sat in during their trip to Pattaya accidentally caught fire near the College of Agriculture and Technology in Chonburi in Tambon Najomthien, Sattaheep district in Chonburi Province on February 14, 2009.

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