The best of 2Bangkok in 2008

What it was like to be there...

Our annual collection of the biggest news, most popular stories, and interesting links of 2008

Left: Young Samak

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The best of 2Bangkok in 2008
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Cheap Holidays

Sombat Khong Phudee
Quality of well-mannered people
Experience the joyfulness of children who live cultural lives

Navin's Sala

Thai email forwards

Thaksin's foundation - November 18, 2008

Newspaper front pages from the cremation ceremony of Princess Galayani

Circa-1939 Pibul-era cartoon describing the new revenue system

Last days of the absolute monarchy - June 24, 2008

Siam tries a people's party - from Asia magazine, Vol. XXXII, Number 9, November, 1932


Vatana's escape - July 14, 2008

Above is a diagram from Daily News showing the escape route of politician Vatana Asavahame. Cambodia is a place where money talks and there is no repatriation treaty with Thailand, and thus it is the refuge of choice for high profile Thai fugitives. Previously Duangchalerm Yoobamrung and Chon Buri don Kamnan Poh fled to Cambodia to escape court cases.

Vatana (often spelled "Watana" or "Wattana") has held top posts in governments of the past and is part of the Asavahame clan prominent in Samut Prakarn politics. Once the leader of the Rassadorn Party, his star has fallen in recent years with election losses and continuous court cases over fraud, election irregularities, land encroachment, etc. although at present he is chief advisor of the Puea Pandin Party.
Like Chalerm Yoobamrung, Vatana also has unruly family members--his son Chonsawas was accused of assaulting a police officer at a traffic stop in 2007.
An earlier thread on the family is here.

10 things you should know about narcotics - July 5, 2008

Website censorship in Thailand



Marketing vs reality views of Sanam Luang - September 27, 2008
An "Amazing Thailand" poster in the subway (above). This year's kite flying festival was cancelled because of the construction of the funeral buildings for Princess Galyani Vadhana. Instead of lush green fields of the marketing version above, the reality is a sandy, semi-paved expanse (below) where, from time to time, paid anti-PAD crowds are plied with cans of Leo Beer as speakers exhort them "settle" the PAD.

Obama election front pages in the Thai-language press

End of government/beginning of government

"Day-D" newspaper front pages
November 29 - November 27-28 -
November 26-27 - November 25-26

"Black October 2008" - PAD's "final war"

On the forum: Bangkok Governors of the past

Left: PAD men in custody after the unsuccessful pre-dawn raid on NBT studios on Viphavadi-Rangsit Road.

Bangkok Governor election posters - 2009

Bangkok Governor elections - 2008

Senate elections - 2008

From Phujatkhan, September 4, 2008 - PM Samak signing the Emergency Degree with the blood of the deceased protester.

Troubles in the South 2008

Thai Media Project

Translated articles, editorial cartoons and newspaper front pages from the Thai-language press

PAD's "final war"

September 10-13

September 4-5

September 2-3

September 1

August 29-31

August 29-30 - at the PAD rally

August 28

August 27

August 26

High tension in Thailand

More newspaper front pages
"D-Day" newspaper front pages
Scenes from the DAAD rally
More scenes from around Government House
Views around occupied Government House
Photo collection of the bloody night of DAAD vs PAD - The bloody war of Thais
DAAD rally site
Pro-Thaksin signs in Chiang Mai
Friday night and Saturday morning at the PAD rally
PAD at the British Embassy
Bye Thaksin
Sunday morning at Government House
Various sights at the PAD rally
Sunday morning at the PAD protest and map of the site
Sunday night PAD protest
PAD rally and Weekend front pages
Scenes from Thaksin's return

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