The best of 2Bangkok in 2007

The best of in 2007

What it was like to be there...

Our annual collection of the biggest news, most popular stories, and interesting links of 2007

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The best of 2Bangkok in 2007
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Children's Day with the military at Royal Plaza

Toilet tutorial

CNN: "Shocking and heartbreaking" Thailand

Surayud: "The shocking confession"

Download Sulak's banned book (in Thai)

How things have changed--for some: Siam at home

From Troubles in the South

Almost like being there: Women protest in the deep south - January 26, 2007

Almost like being there: Protest in the deep south - March 2, 2007

Hat Yai bombings - May 27, 2007

Various interesting bomb photos from the Deep South

Protest in the Deep South - June 18, 2007

Call from a southern militant - September 8, 2007

Investigating a tea shop bombing - October 27, 2007

Bombings in Narathiwat - October 30, 2007

PTV and PTV/UDD protests

April Fool's: PTV and 2Bangkok

Thaksin interviews

Website censorship in Thailand
Lot of interesting events this year including people disappearing in the night...

Election posters 2007

Election-related editorial cartoons and news items
Great editorial cartoons this year...

YouTube blocking

Headlines and editorial cartoons from Judgment Day - May 30, 2007

The TRT rally at Sanam Luang - August 15, 2007

Constitution Referendum - August 19, 2007

The rude book - November 20, 2007

Sapa Samanachan - November 23, 2007
General areas of
High tension in Thailand Daily News and Views archives YouTube channel

One of the most popular and weird external links of 2007
An alien from Thailand - Funtasticus, November 12, 2007
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