The best of 2Bangkok in 2005

(Photo: Undated postcard from the collection)
Above: Wat Pra Keaw
What it was like to be there...
What is being said on the Samak-Dusit Show?
The Poojadkuan column in Manager
High tension in Thailand - November-December 2005
Book Review: The impurity of protest
Royal Power controversy
The 'secret prison'

(Source: Channel 9, MCOT)

(Photo: Mr. John for

Above: Government officials' cars bombed in two places in Yala province.

Troubles in the South

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November 2005
October 2005
September 2005
August 2005
August 2005 - Yala closed
July 2005
May-June 2005
April 2005
March 2005
January-February 2005

Also Wanted posters from Yala
Also From the Thai-language press: 80-day plan to form Pattani state - Manager Daily, February 20, 2005
Also Translation of a leaflet left by 'bandits' in the deep South - May 1, 2005
Also Translation of a leaflet left by 'bandits' in the deep South - February 22, 2005
Also Songkhla bombings - April 3, 2005
Also From the Thai-language press: A nation divided - translation and summary from Manager Daily, February 8, 2005
Also Tadika Sumphan 2005 - April 27-28, 2005
Also Crash in Yala - September, 2005

Elevated signal house
The King Rama 8 Monument
Almost the end for Magicland
Nangloeng Market - Shophouses lining Nakhonsawan Road - The new market - Nangloeng Cinema - Development plans for Nangloeng Market


'Strategic Siam changes its name to Thai'
Chopping down Sathorn
Red light areas in Bangkok in olden days
Prince Mahidol in Chicago in 1916
The lost forts of Rattanakosin

Hammonds Atlas map of Bangkok in 1958
1917 Bangkok map

Historical Thailand transit maps:
Ban Buathong Railway map - Updated version of the Paknam 1937 map (693kb) and Bangkok trammap 1930 (559kb) - Railway map (494kb) of Thailand and maps of the Burma-Siam Railway map (114kb) - Greater Bangkok Mass Transit - Past and Future (1.6MB) - Paknam Railway-1958 (807kb) - Mae Klong Railway map (629 kb) - Bangkok Tram map-1950 (176kb)

2B Fact Files

* Notable terrorist incidents in Thailand - 1970-present
* Bangkok's tallest buildings over the years
* What's the population of Bangkok?
* U.S. Presidential visits to Thailand


Chulalongkorn Day
Thai emails forwards
Radio Thailand and FTA ads

Japanese propaganda booklet from World War II

Complete set of cigarette warning labels

Thai TV commercials
Mega-Bridge construction
McDonalds in Thailand - Pork Prosperity

Vegetarian Festival in Had Yai and Annual Hindu Procession

iPod Skytrain

Thai Media Project
Prachachatturakij editorial: What is the plan to protect flood that reoccur from North to South? - December 2, 2005
Komchadluek editorial: A question that has no answer - December 1, 2005
Matichon editorial: Quality of a Minister - November 17, 2005
Thairath editorial: To solve or make problems? - November 12, 2005
Matichon editorial: Thai-style working - November 14, 2005

Khao Sod
editorial: Following the right way - November 11, 2005
Matichon editorial: The accusation about a secret prison and criticism of Matichon - November 8 2005
Thairath editorial: Worry that the government is insolvent - November 3, 2005
Thairath editorial: The signal that warns the government - November 2, 2005
Survey of the Thai-language press: the by-elections - November 1, 2005
Thairath editorial: Freedom of the press "plummets into a gorge" - October 28, 2005
Thairath editorial: The gang to exploit poor people - October 13, 2005

Thairath editorial: Dialogue is not bad - October 12, 2005
Matichon editorial: Don’t trade in one dimension - October 5, 2005
Matichon editorial: Must talk about "The Opportunity" - October 3, 2005
The constitution is dead? - editorial of Thairath, September 28, 2005
Thai media and the different truth - the unreported riot - editorial translated from Prachachat, September 27, 2005
Reactions to Thaksin's 'X' - August 27, 2005
Thai press reaction to the new cabinet from Thairath, Khaosod, Matichon and Manager: 'haew and bourbok selling out' - August 6, 2005
Thaksin Dictionary - June 21, 2005

The end of a dayweekly - June 17, 2005
War and Peace at the Southern Border - April 30, 2005
Chapter summaries from the Thai-language War and Peace at the Southern Border by Dr Rung Kaewdaeng, Deputy Education Minister. This is the book that Democrat leader Abisit Vejjajiva suggested that PM Thaksin should read...

Something from the Thai press: Headless farang ghost - Khaosod, March 1, 2005

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