Top Red Shirts join with the military

From Naewna, July 23, 2018
Left: Let’s go burn and I will take the responsibility for it.
Right, Supaporn: Being together we survive but if not, we will die.
Red Shirt leader: Hey… Isan Rambo, we asked you to burn the city not us…

[Refers former Pheu Thai Party member and Red Shirt leader Suporn Atthawong who recently announced he would join a pro-junta party to complete in the coming election.
Suraporn is known as the “Isan Rambo” for his combative and fearless speeches. He has great influence in the northeastern region.
He was one of the firebrand protesters who issued threats in 2010 when the Red Shirts were protesting in Bangkok. As recently as 2014 he announced he would lead tens of thousands of Red Shirts into Bangkok and “fight to the end” if the courts ruled against the Pheu Thai-led government.
Not only is he one of the top Red Shirts who openly made such threats at key times, he has been accused of lese majeste and connected with weapons allegedly found at a safe house he had been using.
Most importantly, he is an actual long-time elected MP. This is in contrast to other Red Shirt leaders who were somehow appointed to their posts and then were rewarded with MP party list posts after elections to shield them from prosecution.
This makes Suporn, the “Isan Rambo,” an unexpected addition to the junta’s supporters.
The saying “Let’s go burn” was used by the Red Shirts during rallies in 2010. (Burning links here, here, and here)]

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