Too much benefit from sale

From Thai Rath, Cartoon by Ratchawat, October 3, 2010
[This sort of cartoon draws a humorous theme from multiple events that have been in the news lately.]

The cartoon headline reads: Too much benefit from sale

Top left: Investment of merely taking a video clip when a girl is taking a bath and then getting a big amount of money. [Refers to the clandestine filming of undressed women.]

Top middle: Investment of merely a flower and incense stick and then winning the first lottery. [Refers to many stories in the press of people paying homage to spirits--sometimes in a tree--and then getting luck in playing the lottery.]

Top right: Investment by threatening a bank with a bomb and receive the 5 million baht. [Refers to a man attempting to blackmail a bank with a bomb threat.]

Bottom left: Investment merely by robbing weapons from an army camp and hope to become big merchant!

Bottom middle: Investment by shooting M79 to damage the economy and hope that they can topple the government. [Refers to the many incidents of grenades being used in the last few months.]

Bottom right: Investment by merely joining the media's hot trend about Film and Anny [Refers to the celebrity pregnancy scandal involving stars "Film" and "Anny" which received blanket coverage by the media.]

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