Too many committees

From Naewna, February 3, 2017
PM Prayuth’s legs: NRSA, NCPO, Committees, CDC, NLA, Cabinet, CRRN, CPHMR
Caption: Thailand’s moving forward…

[Refers to the many committees and bodies established under the junta. It contrasts this with the junta’s pledge to move the country forward. The junta has been criticized for appointing their own cronies in order to control the groups. This leads to the belief that the many committees will degenerate into bureaucratic rubber stamps and will hinder, not help, the advancement of the country.
The NRSA is the National Reform Steering Assembly. The NCPO is the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO). The CDC is the Constitution Drafting Committee. The NLA is the National Legislative Assembly. The CRRN is the Committees for Reform, Reconciliation, and National Strategy. The CPHMR is the Committee on Public Health Mobilization and Reform.]

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