Tomatoes and Watermelons

From Naewna, May 27, 2017
Title: Fate of Thailand…!!
Man on left: Turbulent city bombing. Koo Tee. [Early suspicion about the bombing at the military-run hospital turned to “Koo Tee,” a Red Shirt leader who runs a pirate radio station from Laos calling for a people’s revolution in Thailand. In his typically sensational manner, he denied bombing the hospital, saying instead he would have bombed government house and the homes of the junta instead.]
Police officer at center: Tomato police [this is nickname for the police to indicate that the police are openly “red”–that is, loyal to Thaksin and the Red Shirts.]
Military man at right: Watermelon soldiers [this is nickname for the military to indicate that they are green on the outside (wearing green uniforms) and red on the inside–that is, loyal to Thaksin and the Red Shirts]
[This cartoon implies that the military and police are not acting against fugitive Red Shirts committing terrorist attacks. However, most of the media seemed to be wondering if the military was too quick in focusing on Red Shirts as being behind recent blasts.]

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