Today… who is the most in trouble?

From Thairath, September 17, 2013
Title: Today… who is the most in trouble?
Signs held by people on the left: Stop stirring up trouble. Rubber farmers are satisfied with the government’s assistance.
Signs held by people on the right: Real rubber farmers, Northern rubber farmers, Southern rubber farmers and Northeastern rubber farmers.
A sign held by a man destroying a police car: Ordered mob [meaning the rubber growers protesters who clashed with police were ordered to by anti-government politicians]
Phi Nooring: Subjugation [meaning something like “to take the others’ rights”]
Mouse: To overthrow the government

[Refers to turmoil generated by a rubber farmers’ protest to call the government to increase subsidies for rubber. Critics contended that the protest was a setup by the Democrat Party to distract and harry the government when it was pushing through constitutional amendments in parliament.]

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