To use the old mouse, a lion has to wait longer

From Manager July 10, 2013
A mouse: I don’t have any power to cut this rope. I need to go back and eat 2-3 Cordyceps Sinensis first.
Caption: To use the old mouse, a lion has to wait longer.

[Refers to the clip said to be a conversation between former PM Thaksin Shinawatra and Deputy Defense Minister Yuthasak about a plan to bring Thaksin back home. In the clip, the Cordyceps Sinensis, a herb used for impotence, was mentioned. The man believed to be Yuthasak said he ate Cordyceps Sinensis as Thanksin recommended it to him to improve his health. The mouse represents Yuthasak while Thaksin is the lion.]

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2 Responses to To use the old mouse, a lion has to wait longer

  1. Wiz says:

    Cordyceps Sinensis is a scientific name of Chong Cao and even Chong Cao is generally translated into English as “Cordyceps”
    This kind of mushroom is so hard to find that the price is at least 250 Baht per gram in Yaowaraj … and the bigger and the better one one will be around 2500 Baht per gram or 93,750 Baht per tael … there is an attempt to grow this Cordyceps mushroom as the natural sources are dwindling … which has some limited success …

  2. Wiz says:

    Here is the example of growing Cordyceps using fungi of Ascomycetes on Thai silk worms by The Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture … even though inferior than Cordyceps Sinensis growing by Chinese/Korean/Japanese Sericulture experts, it is the local substitute for imported Cordyceps which prices are beyond the reach to almost all but the real billionaires

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