To be good or bad… it depends on what you have done

From Thairath, April 30, 2014
Title: To be good or bad… it depends on what you have done.
On a judge’s robe: Injustice, immorality
On the paper the judge holds: Intervene in the transfer of the police
On the paper held by Yingluck: Transfer Thawin based on administrative power
Phi Nooring: To be higher or lower… it depends on yourself.
A mouse: Immorality

[Refers to the role of the Constitutional Court’s judges’ ruling on the case of the transfer of national security chief Thawin Pleansri. Yingluck’s supporters (rightly) believed that the court’s ruling would be used to disqualify Yingluck as prime minister.
The transfer of Thawin (as part of an overall plan to install a Thaksin relative as police chief) was blatant meddling in the hidebound hierarchy of the Thai bureaucracy that Thaksin has engaged in many times in the past.
However, the manner in which the courts accepted the case–by ignoring the normal chain of command that would go through the government–caused government supporters to accuse the courts of overstepping their authority.
If the case had gone through normal channels, the sitting government could ensure that no case against it could make it to the courts. This is the very definition of the Red Shirts’ “true democracy” that claims no power should be able to impinge on an elected government’s power.
“To be higher or lower, it depends on yourself” is a Thai saying that means to be a good or bad person, it depends on your action. Here it means that the courts, by their actions, are showing they are bad.]

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