9 Years Ago: Time Running Out For Thaksin

Above: “October 6 Paragon” – Thaksin shops at Paragon with a group of plainclothes guards who beat up those who shout at him.

Just nine years ago we were on the cusp of a crisis. Relive that time with a selection of stories from August 2006 – High Tension in Thailand

* Aftermath of the failed car bomb attempt on Thaksin.

* The stompings at Paragon – In traditional “big man wronged” style, Thaksin began traveling with a squad of plainclothes thugs who would immediately beat up anyone who dared shout abuse at him in public. The police stood by and did nothing.

* Thai Rak Thai threatens to “bring millions to city.”

* There is an interesting article from The Nation wondering if the Democrats will be able to out-market Thaksin and return to power.

* Except for Manager (that was engaged in a life or death struggle with Thaksin), the Thai media had been gagged by libel suits and government interference.

* Prem rallies the military.

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