Till the end of the soi

From Arun, October 25, 2013
Cartoon title: Till the end of the soi
Man in Pheu Thai blazer (talking to Thaksin): Boss… I’ve come ’till the end of the soi. Huge numbers of people are waiting here. What next, sir?

[The man is Pheu Thai MP from Mahasarakham Province, Prayuth Siriphanich. Sitting on the ad hoc committee on the amnesty bill, Prayuth submitted a draft that is later popularly called ‘the end of the soi’ version because it will a give pardon to everybody convicted since after the coup in 2006.
Chalerm Yubamrung coined this phrase to describe his own blanket amnesty bill specifically designed to help Thaksin “go all the way to the end to the end of the soi” meaning to accomplish the ultimate goal of bringing Thaksin back to Thailand and politics. So when Prayuth’s version was announced the Democrats called it the “through the soi” version meaning it is designed to complete Thaksin’s goal.
In the cartoon, at the end of the soi is a crematory, meaning that the government risks death and destruction if they push against all odds to grant Thaksin’s goal of amnesty.]

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