Thumbs Down for the Bangkok Governor!

From Thairath, November 8, 2012
Cartoon title: Bangkokians, please click like for good works.
On man’s shirt: Bangkok Governor
On bucket: Mr. Failure
On thumbs from top left to bottom left: Traffic, We take care of you your whole life, Surveillance camera dummies, Giant tunnel
[This mocks slogans used by the city government. “Surveillance camera dummies” refers to the scandal when it was found that many security cameras were dummies. “Giant tunnel” is touted drainage system for Bangkok.]
On left voice bubble: Not short
On thumbs from top right to bottom right: Futsal field, Flood
[The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration failed to finish the construction of the futsal stadium in Nong Jok, Bangkok to be used in the World Futsal 2012. Meanwhile flood is meant to refer to the BMA’s way of handling the flood this year: a number of sandbags were put in the drainage system in some districts divert waters.]
On right voice bubble: Dummy
On leaking football: World Futsal 2012 [FIFA refused to approve to use the unfinished futsal field in Nong Jok for the World Futsal 2012.]
Cheering man: Admit the truth
On the mouse’s sign: Petulant old man, always blame the government
[The Bangkok Government is M.R. Sukhumbhan Baripbhat. In Thailand, when a person is told to put a bucket on his or her head, it means he or she did something so embarrassing that he or she should hide in a bucket. This cartoon is part of the electioneering in the lead up to the 2013 Bangkok governor’s election.]

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