Throwing mud

From Khaosod, April 15, 2019
On the box at the top left: Tong Siadsod [name of cartoonist]
Title: Muddy Songkran
On the mud on the man: Overthrow the monarchy
On the papers at left: New policy

[Refers to Thai idiom “throwing mud” illustrating the intense political situation in which rumors and criticism are used to attack others.
In particular, allegation of an intent to “overthrow the monarchy” have been used to attack the Future Forward Party due to its roots in the Nitirat Group as well as the junta’s desire to sideline it after its shock election showing where it came in third overall.
Some have raised concern that the current situation which whips up allegations like this is similar to the events of October 1976. This was when anti-monarchy allegations were made to justify mass killing of student protesters.]

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