Threatening and Bowing

From Manager, August 1, 2011
Left: Release Jatuporn immediately. Without release, we will threaten you [Sodsri] to death and torch the Election Commission Office totally!!!
The caption on the left: The Red Shirt rally pressures the Election Commission
The caption on the right side: We are asking Khun Poo [PM Yingluck] to kindly choose Mr. Apiwan [Apiwan Viriyachai] if not, we will disperse silently with humbleness.
The caption on the right: Pressuring Poo

[Dr. Apiwan Wiriyachai is former Deputy House Speaker during the Democrat ruling party. He a favorite of the Red Shirt to become the House Speaker. However, Apiwan turned down the post along with other Red Shirts to avoid attracting controversy to the new government.]

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