Those who expose corruption

From Manager, August 22, 2019
Left: This… Swagger MP… a braggart!!!
Caption: After kicking him…
Right: Because of MP Sira… We know there is a group trying to illegally own the land in Phuket.
Caption: …don’t forget to praise him as well.

[Refers to the case of Phalang Pracharath Party’s MP Sira who went to Phuket to investigate irregularities in the issuance of land ownership documents for a condominium project. A clip was posted on social media showing him scolding the local police for allowing the situation. This clip caused him come under fire for grandstanding on the issue (expressed on the left side of the cartoon). The reaction also demonstrates the Thai view of public criticism as being rude and undesirable.
The cartoonist points out that, due to this incident, the public has been made aware of the illegal ownership of the land.
All of this shows the contrast between old and new values. The old stresses harmony and non-confrontation. The new is a growing intolerance of traditional Thai corruption–now more easily exposed through online media.]

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