Those still belong to us

From Manager, April 4, 2017
Pridiyathorn Devakula: It’s good… that I can block this in time… So, those two women still belong to us.
On women’s sashes: Bongkot, Erawan
On dead man: National Oil Corporation
Caption: The end of fighting for her… Good man died… Bad guys won?

[This shows former Deputy PM Pridiyathorn Devakula who tried to block the plan of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) to establish a national oil corporation.
The cartoon questions his motives as he is alleged to be protecting private energy groups (represented by a big-nosed foreigner).
‘Bongkot’ and ‘Erawa’ are large and valuable oil development projects. If a national oil corporation is established, those two project would be controlled by the government and not private oil companies.
The issue of private or public control of state resources is a potent one with anti-Thaksin forces (like the source of this cartoon) traditionally opposing attempts to privatize state enterprises and see control go to allies of Thaksin or foreign interests.
Thus, the cartoonist contends that the national oil corporation lost to the bad guys. The oil projects are represented as women who will be raped by foreign interests–a common theme in the Thai world.]

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