This train doesn’t end with reconciliation

From Naewna, January 20, 2017
Caption: [You will be in your] Next life, before reaching the destination [of reconciliation]
On train: MOU. Harmonize before election. [refers to the junta’s MOU that they are pressing all parties to sign and their desire to have all political sides reconcile before new elections are held]
Prawit (standing behind PM Prayuth) speaking to fugitive Thaksin and his sister Yingluck: Hurry up! This is the last train.
Bars under the train: Guilt in criminal cases. Not talking about amnesty bills. Section 112.

[This ridicules the government’s reconciliation MOU, noting that since there are no provisions to give amnesty to Thaksin nor pardon those accused of criticizing the monarchy, the “train” to reconciliation will not move at all.]

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