This time, it’s serious: Thailand’s upcountry is preparing for civil war

This time, it’s serious: Thailand’s upcountry is preparing for civil war –, March 20, 2014
…Whether Red Shirt-aligned forces truly have the heart and resources for all-out conflict is difficult to determine. Part of their calculus assumes Thailand’s high society is effete, terrified of physical harm and likely to flee the country en masse.
Another crucial factor: defecting soldiers. Thailand’s military fills its ranks with conscripts, many hailing from the regions prone to Red Shirt sympathy. Senior Red Shirt operatives privately contend that, if civil war comes, certain high-ranking military leaders would defect and bring their subordinates with them…

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  1. Wiz says:

    The real link:

    For the page of UDD men in Question (Mahawon kawang), UDD men of Chiang Mai, here it is

    Another reference to Mr Mahawon kawang, a UDD men native of Chiang Mai

    This may be the only photograph of Mahawon kawang, UDD separatist from Chiang Mai

  2. Wiz says:

    Volunteer forces of Rambo Isan got the endorsement from Ai Kwanchai to continue the movement as the counterbalance against Nor Por Chor faction of Ai Too and comrade Poon – not intended to be the real UDD hard core force like Ai Koh Tee since most of Rambo Isan men are Ai Kwanchai’s men.

    For the case of the 10 old comrades at Ban Non Muang in Sakon Nakhon movement, it is not the separatist movements as confirmed by ISOC of region 2. The 200 old comrade of Sanon Nakhon and Southern isan has a meeting at Sangha office at Ban Nong Muang, Moo 10, Song Dao district of Sakon Nakhon – observed by ISOC men from Fort Krit Sriwara. 10 old comrade led by Saman Khantee (Comrade Thanee), Chalee Leelakornchan (Comrade Phailin), Triam Saleenant (Comrade Saksit), Suphon Mueansriphrom (comrade Thawatchai), Thipphayarat Thongbor (Comrade Ruedee), Pha Polsri (Comrade Lued Thai) and Khanti Thaithanu (Comrade Bunmee) – the resolution from the old comrades saiod they decline to joint the movement of Ai Rambo Isan since they would never let their movement under the influence of politicians. Next is to plan to set up the new ex CPT men group with legal endorsement – which has become “กลุ่มผู้ร่วมพัฒนาชาติไทย ปกป้องประชาธิปไตย อันมีพระมหากษัตริย์เป็นประมุข” (Ex CPT men who come to protect Democracy with Monarchy) lead by Comrade Thanee … Interesting that Comrade Rubrong (Mr Pramote Phromphinit – leader of ex CPT men in Nakhon Phanom) and his men (ex CPT men from Nakhon Phanom) are absent those ex CPT men at Ban Nong Muang … due to the fact that Comrade Rubrong and his men are in the list of Separatist leaders. ONLY old comrade faction that joint Ai Rambo Isan volunteer force are Red moon faction lead by Comrade Wilai who brought 100 of old comrades to joint with Rambo Isan.

    Comrade Phailin and 15 ex CPT men coming to talk with Privy Surayuth in mid Feb 2014 at Statesmen Foundation office. Comrade Phailin told Privy Surayuth that he wants to set up ex CPT men organization as the coordinating center to help the fellow ex CPT men to receive the right amount of welfare as suggested by Privy Surayuth – who take side to neither UDD men nor PDRC.

  3. Wiz says:

    Millions of UDD voice means nothing – let alone turn wrongs into rights – esp the separatist movements.

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