Think outside the box in Thailand

From Thai Rath, August 19, 2012
Headline: Think outside the box
Top left: Turn a car plate into a lotto number [showing superstitious people relying on license plate numbers for lucky lotto numbers]
Top middle: Turn a motor bike into a bomb [referring to the bike bombs in the Thai deep south]
Top right: Turn a public bus into an arena for revenge on rivals from another school [referring to the fighting between students from rival technical schools–often on or around buses]
Bottom left: Turn a national park into a resort
Foreground sign, bottom left: Thap Lan National Park
Rear sign, bottom left: Welcome to Thap Lan Resort [referring to the extensive illegal development that occurs in Thai national parks]
Bottom middle: Turn a jail into a center for drug trafficking [referring to the raids on prisons that reveal widespread drug trafficking]
Bottom right: Turn a leader of the political mobsters into a national educational committee member [referring to the appointment of Red Shirt leader Thida to an education post in the government]

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