Think only how to look good?

From Thairath, July 3, 2021
Title: On the back of Joy [meaning something like “behind the back of the PM who is congratulating himself on the opening of Phuket, is a sad sight”]
PM Prayuth: Welcome, country open.
From left: Was locked down; the business went bankrupt; was chose to act; the problem of quality of vaccines
Above dead man’s head: Die at home
On sheet covering dead man: The public health emergency situation for taking care of COVID.
On paper he holds: Increase of patients; Increase of deaths
Man with glasses on right: People come first.
Mouse man: Think only how to look good?
Mouse: Prayuth, get out! [the anti-government slogan]

[Refers to the many failings of the government in handling the ongoing Covid crisis while it excitedly announces the opening of the country again to tourism.]

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