Things got better for some

From Manager, May 14, 2017
Top, Deputy PM Prawit: Don’t worry… My brothers and I will help you to fix the house to be good for living like the past.
On the sign: Transitional forest construction [“transitional” referring to the junta’s definition of their rule–a time to transform the government to one that is transparent and is concerned about people’s needs; we are not quite sure why “forest” is used]
Caption: That day
Bottom, on the sign: Transitional forest construction
Caption: Three years passed

[Refers to three years of Thailand under the rule of the junta.
In the cartoon, it implies that at first people had hopes that the junta could succeed in reform.
However, after three years, the lives of the people in the country are the same (or worse), while the junta has feathered their nest and spent vast amounts of money on their own organizations.]

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