Thida, why did you resign as leader of the UDD?

From Manager, March 17, 2014
Thaksin: I don’t understand, Khun Thida. Why did you resign as leader of the UDD?
Thida: Because I’ve just bought a new Mercedes-Benz and I want to have a longer live to enjoy driving this car.
Jutuporn is on the stage surrounded by the Red-shirt supporters.
Caption: Fight for money… After rice, then quit your job!!
[Thida Thavornseth, a chairwoman of UDD, announced that she would resign from her post and hand it to Jatuporn Promphan. It is alleged that Thaksin supporters like Thida and Jatuporn have been allowed to reap huge benefits from the government’s rice pledging programs in return for their support of Thaksin’s agenda.]

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One Response to Thida, why did you resign as leader of the UDD?

  1. Wiz says:

    Reason for the step down: save her own neck from being hunted down by those UDD factions who disagree with her and of her own class enemies.

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