They got Thaksin’s family

From Manager, June 2, 2014
Caption: What did NCPO use to tie Thaksin that make him unmovable?
Pictures on bands tying Thaksin, on his mouth: Panthongthae Shinawatra [Thaksin’s son]; on his wrists: Pinthongtha and Phaethongtha Shinawatra [Thaksin’s daughters]; on his ankles; Pojjaman Na Pompet [Thaksin’s former wife]

[Thaksin’s silence since the coup has been unusual. The promised civil war that was threatened for years did not materialize and no coherent strategy was forthcoming from the Pheu Thai Party. Some speculated that the completely unexpected timing of the coup caught Shinawatra family members inside the country and this has stayed Thaksin’s hand in definitively stating a position and countermeasures to the coup.]

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