They followed the Hong Kong model

From Manager, March 23, 2021
Joshua: You exactly followed my Hong Kong model… from the beginning to the end.
Caption: Joshua Wong must be happy.

[Refers to Thai anti-government leaders including Penguin, Anon and Rung (at left) who are now jailed. Early in the protests there was an attempt at synergy between the Hong Kong and Thai protests with each side sending words of support to the other.
Those opposed to the Thai protests accused the students of planning to “ruin” Thailand like they perceive was done by protesters in Hong Kong. This comes from a viewpoint that does not hold democracy as an important thing and instead lauds “order” that facilitates business and presumably prosperity.
The cartoonist sarcastically notes that the Thai protesters have matched the Hong Kong model after all and ended up in legal tangles created by governments with overwhelming power.]

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