They envy us

They envy us - March 2, 2004
2B often mentions the hysterical bashing of Thailand by superior foreigners (and even Thais themselves), but it is interesting to note that those from other developing countries greatly admire the rule of law and general orderliness in Thailand.
Khmer Intelligence has the following item: National ID: Cambodia versus Thailand--The establishment of the rule of law in any country rests on two basic systems intended to identify the people and the lands. Cambodia has none of the two... 'Donor countries have technically and financially encouraged the government to issue a computerized and standardized "Cambodia Citizen Identification Card" to some 6 million citizens from 18 year-old up. But for political reasons and other reasons linked to corruption, the authorities are dragging their feet: only 2 million cards have been issued over the last eight years.'
Not setting up the two basic systems entails the following consequences for Cambodia:
1- Land grabbing, land disputes, landlessness and increased poverty for the weaker segment of the population;
2- Increased government corruption with ghost soldiers and ghost civil servants; election irregularities with flaws in voter registration procedures; difficulty for the authorities to identify and arrest criminals.
In Thailand, as reported in "The Nation" on 23 February 2004, all citizens have been delivered a national ID for a long time. More strikingly, the country recalls how the project of a "smart card" started 20 years ago. Project head Surachai Srisaracam proudly declares: "All 1,077 offices of the Bureau of Registration Administration throughout the country have been connected via an online network, which allows information about the Thai population [information related to households, people, voters, and marriages and divorces] to be updated in real time (...). [This] allows us to provide ID card registration for people in 15 seconds instead of three months."

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