They did not violate the law

From Naewna, April 24, 2019

Thaksin: I did not violate the law. I only did what the law didn’t allow.
Thanathorn: I also did not violate the law, but I can’t make it [there] to follow the law.
Caption: Old Future. Future Forward. The same book.
[Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn is facing a share-violation claim which could disqualify him as a politician.
This cartoon compares him to former PM Thaksin who also faced the same allegation as well as many other claims of wrongdoing.
The cartoon has Thaksin saying a famous quote he made to defend himself. He probably intended it to mean that he violated the law, but did not have any ill-intention. However, the way the quote came out made it an often-repeated emblem of the cynicism and high-handed entitlement that Thaksin always expected. It became a famous phrase to indicate how politicians expect to break the rules with impunity.
Beside him is Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn with a paraphrase of his defense for his media shareholdings. The charges center around whether it was physically possible for Thanathorn to have returned to Bangkok in person to divest himself of the shares before the first day of campaigning. This oversight seems to indicate that the kick-off of the Future Forward Party was disorganized at best, leaving several legal loose ends for the ruling junta to disqualify Thanathorn with after the election.]

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