They can hang


From Thairath, January 12, 2016
Title: Administrating the country is easy.
Left man: Farmer
Right man: Rubber worker.
Speech boxes from left to right: Grow cowage. Grow bananas and strawberries. Change to grow Parkia speciosa and Djenkol beans. [These are examples of typical advice from city technocrats to rural farmers.]
Mouse man: People live harder.
Mouse: Wish you to be in good place.

[This anti-junta cartoon points out the plight of farmers being hit with low prices for their crops. the man on the left is a Northeastern farmer (wearing a Khmer-inspired sash) who benefited greatly from Thaksin-era populist price supports. At right is a rubber farmers, who, although Democrat Party supporters, have pressured the junta for similar price supports to improve their livelihood.]

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