They are trying to scare the people

From Thairath, January 26, 2018
Title: Please don’t be scared.
On the paper: Project on the public’s participation to solve and develop the southern provinces
Words along right side of the paper: Korportor [Korportorsuanna]
On man’s suit at top of paper: SBPAC [Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center]
On the suit of the man with glasses: Special representative from the government
On person at left: People
On person at bottom: the public sector
On the bomb blast: Bomb in Yala
On the black below: Create chaos in the south
Phi Nooring: Gooding a good people, people will not afraid.
Mouse: Bombing for money [refers to the belief that those carrying out the bombing a usually young men paid by other unknown parties to stir up trouble]

[Refers to the attempt to solve the violence in the southernmost provinces in Thailand led by the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center and the Korportorsuanna (organization that encourages public participation to solve the problems of the Thai deep south).
A recent bombing at a market in Yala shocked the south as it raised fears that militants might attempt to target areas to kill larger numbers of people at once.]

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